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Photo Gallery updated Dec 3, 2010

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The soccer field on the island. Apparently the Marines take this very serious. The Marine buried in the grave (previous photo on the previous page) was shot and killed over a soccer dispute.

View from the plane as we are diverted over the Bahamas due to thunderstorms on our flight back from the States.

Laura getting ready for takeoff. While in Georgia, Jim’s brother Greg took us for a ride in his experimental LSA (light sport aircraft). It was a thrilling experience. Even Jim’s 88-yr old Mother took a ride.

Jim gets friendly with Snow White in the Orlando airport. (I leave him alone for one minute and he starts chattin up the local wenches!)

Belying our youthful appearance, we do have a grandson. This is the future sailor Hunter clowning around in the tub during our visit back to the States.

Here’s what’s known as a Low Country Boil – Arkansas Style. Our friends Jay and Marilyn hosted a party for us when we stopped in on our cross-country trek. A variety of seafood, sausage and veggies are boiled in a hot spiced water and served with refreshing beverages. We also thank Jen and Clint for a similar feast while we visited New Mexico.

Dyllan and Darian of s/v Jackaroo from South Africa run the Cantina and put on an excellent fire show at least once a month. This special Halloween dance included a couple of devils playing with fire.

Our truly uninspired costumes for the last three years. Since we've been in different countries each year, not too many people have seen them before. Luckily, they work for Mardi Gras, too.

A peaceful afternoon in the anchorage. Many boats choose to anchor near the marina. There are other marinas in the area and many places to anchor depending on what activities you are interested in.

One of the kitchen workers two young boys curiously watched the shenanigans surrounding the Halloween party. Although they appeared not to understand much of the craziness and costumes, they did understand candy.

A Latitudes and Attitudes (cruising magazine) Harbor Hangout – The Calypso Cantina is the center of social life here at the marina and a great restaurant with TV and WiFi.

There are many plants here you might also find decorating the interiors of many homes in the US, the only difference is about 10 feet.

A look at one of the docks at the marina full of sailboats.

There are a few boats here for sale. This 46 ft Hattera motor vessel will be for sale soon and it does have a history. If you're interested in cruising in style, email us.

Jim squeezes in under the aft quarter berth (also known as the garage) to repair a leak in the raw water filter housing.

Another shot of the beautiful grounds around the marina. This path leads you to the showers/laundry and restrooms. Or you can hike the hill above the marina, stop further on at the Butterfly House, or keep going to cross the airport runway and get into the main town.

A young local fisherman in his canoe. It's not uncommon to see kids as young as 6 out fishing for their family.

Boat repairs are almost always in hard to access locations. Laura does some aerobics to fill a small leak in the propane locker.

The month of Nov has numerous holidays for Panama including their independence day(s) (From Spain and Colombia) Parades are numerous and numbing. Mostly drummers moving at a snail's pace. (The main street isn't very long.) Elaborate costumes and lots of activities around town.

Conflicting temptations. You might wonder which he would choose, but if you notice the red on Jim’s palms, he obviously did at least a quick “dance with the devil”.

Typical vendor food - chicken or beef on a stick with special sauce, cooked over charcoal.

A young drummer working on his technique.

Vendors on the street selling trinkets during the parades.

Police working the holiday events are dressed in their blues for this special occasion. They usuallly dress in fatigues.

Thanksgiving Day buffet. We stuffed ourselves like good Americans.

Our dinghy with 15 hp outboard...(see picture below)

Our friends on SV The WC Fields took juggling lessions and had their debut one night at the marina.

The megayacht Super Nova with their dinghy which has two outboards 150-200 hp each. For size comparison, notice the bikini clad woman washing the mega yacht in the center of the photo.

This is Ray Jason, the instructor, tossing torches. Ray made a career of juggling in San Francisco as a busker and as the SF Giants official team juggler.

One rainy morning at anchor we woke up to this local diver working near our boat. He dives looking for lobster and fish with his cayuka tied to his foot and he pulls it along behind.

Nilaya right before we "stowed" everything and left the dock.