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Photo Gallery

Below are some photos of our trip.  Newest ones are at the bottom.  Let us know if the caption doesn't give you enough info!  We'll add more, so keep checking back.

Here is a nice boat we found in Arkansas. Hope we can afford it!

Also in Arkansas, in mid Dec. 07, we threw away the snow brush!

The Gourmet Chef chasing me out of the kitchen in the Ramsey Bed and Breakfast and Pet Bording in Williamsburg, Virginia. WOW did we have some great meals. They were getting ready to move, so they had a freezer cook-off which included lamb, shrimp, chicken, soups, pizza, on and on! We were stuffed! This night, it was Curry Chicken and he dressed for the part. We ate 'til we we groaned.

We had a few days downtime so we went to look! Here we are in Ft. Meyers enjoying a beautiful Florida day.

This is the beautiful Sailing Vessel Nilaya, which we hope will be our new home.

We hiked through the jungle and didn't even get eaten by panthers. Saw lots of birds and lizards, even a couple of of bald eagles! Another beautiful day. So far, retirement is good.

They recently had a fire, (guess-Summer of '07) so part of the jungle was black with some of the palms rising from the ashes, but the pines were "toast". This was on Pine Island near Ft. Myers, Florida.

Ft. Myers Beach and Wharf - Have you booked your tickets yet?

Enjoying a day at the beach on Pine Island, Florida.

Hauled Out - 18500+ Pounds

Right Before We Ran Aground! Sure Is Pretty...

Another Beautiful Day At the Beach - The pelicans had learned to swoop in just as the fishermen brought their catch up to the wharf and sometimes they end up reeling in the pelican. Here in Ft. Myers, one poses behind us - the camera ham!

Shark! These little panhead sharks were caught often. Wonder if any of their man-eating cousins roam the swimming beach nearby?

Early Snowbird Season - Empty Beach - It will soon fill up with people watching the sun set.

View from the boat in the yard waiting for repairs. Hope you can enlarge this to read the captions.

The stern with her new home port. The gold rectangle on the starboard hull is the dynaplate grounding plate-mounted too high (they had to move it).

Here's Jim getting ready to do the dishes in the galley on Nilaya.

Jim and his Mother, Doris, coming back from a dinghy ride through the canals and into Charlotte Harbor.

Most people wouldn't consider it paradise eating off cardboard boxes sitting on lawn chairs, but we do--mussels steamed in wine and garlic. YUM

Jim's brother, Greg, reeling in a catfish. It was cut loose to swim another day.

That's all the equipment she'll need, and possibly all that will fit, for the trip.

Here's the view from across the canal.