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Below are some links to YouTube where we've posted some videos of our trips.

UPDATED Apr 26, 2012   Once you click on a link, and watch the video, you can use your "Back" button to come back here or click the area marked "More from snakekirby" and hopefully see a list of all our videos.  You can also search YouTube for Bocas del Toro or other locations and see videos from other people visiting this area.  Share what you find in the area marked "Comments" located at the end of each of our blogs.  Hope you enjoy!

Click on one of the video links below: (Once you're connected to YouTube, click on "More From snakekirby" to see all we have posted, or use your "Back" button to come back here.)

NEW - Sailboat Race - Providencia Apr '12

Horse race on the beach. Don't blink or you'll miss the horses running by.  4/2012       Sailing on a calm day in Honduras south of Roatan  3/2012 SY Argo leaving port (Parrot Tree Marina, Roatan, Honduras) 3/2012 Dolphins outside of Isla Providencia Colombia Feb 2011

Jim's 88-yr old Mother taking a ride in her son's experimental aircraft.

Second Flying Video 

Potato Cannon as pirates overtake Port Royal, all in fun of course.         

A nervous day getting the boat lifted out of the water to do maintenance. (sorry, no link yet)

While in Copan, Honduras, we were treated to a marching drum band and kids with lanterns.

Link Repaired - Roatan, Honduras   Approaching one of the Bay Islands of Honduras.  

Entering Rio Dulce Guatemala   Here we are motoring up the river and a short view of the vegetation and landscape.

Club Nautico, Cartagena, Columbia  A night view of the marina and cantina. 

 Panama City Bus traffic

Panama City traffic intersection


Panama Canal Transit Gatun Locks Part One of Two


Panama Canal Transit Gatun Locks Part Two of Two - Watch the gates close and the water rush in!


Short view of sailing in Almirante Bay

Sailing around the island  (Bad videographer! Take your seasickness pills)  

Anchored near Old Bank on Bastimentos Island at night

Rough ride thru Bahia Almirante on a water taxi after windy afternoon  ""


Marina Part One
   Marina Part Two  Water Taxi Ride to snorkel Coral Key (Cayo Crawl)  Water Taxi up river 1 of 3  Water Taxi on river 2 of 3   Water Taxi on river 3 of 3 

Carlos - Our water taxi driver in Bocas Del Toro Panama

The horses and jockeys pass within arm's distance as they round the first corner along the beach surrounded by hundreds of spectators.

Capitan Carlos - Our favorite water taxi driver.

Carlos is always in a good mood.  He understands English fairly well and has taken us on many different trips like  snorkeling, and jungle tours.  We met him and his wife (Gracelda) July 2007 when we first visited Bocas.  She is a cook at the hotel where we stayed Ancon Expeditions which we can recommend if you'd like to visit the area.

A graveyard in Changuinola, Panama