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Returning to Bocas we had visitors and gunkholed a bit for some hiking and enjoying the flora and fauna of the area.

Newest are usually last. Click on photo for larger view. Updated (finally) July '15 - Photos May-Aug 2014 Bocas del Toro Panama Dec 2016 Isla Providencia, Colombia

May 2014 Almirante, Panama - Time for some anti-fouling paint. Had Nilaya hauled at the new boat yard in Almirante. Keeps the water out of the fiberglass and the critters off the hull so we can go fast!

July 2014 Bocas del Toro, Panama - Our grandson Hunter came to visit and partake in what we believe is his first sail!

Jen watching Hunter body surf. He was a little concerned about sharks when swimming thanks to a few years of watching Shark Week on TV, but not a big problem here in Bocas.

Next adventure was the zipline! Day was a little rainy but still lots of fun. They also spent a couple of nights in the tents on the beach. Hunter cried when they had to leave and we're not so sure his Dad didn't shed a few tears, also.

It's giant grasshopper season! We're just glad these things prefer palm trees and not canvas.

It's a jungle out there...This is a lime tree with 4 inch spikes on the trunk.

And a palm tree with spikes. Wild animals aren't the only reason you have to pay attention when hiking in the jungle.

Aug 2014 - If we get away from the dock, we usually try fishing. Here Jim brings in a nice barracuda which are still edible here unlike most of the eastern Caribbean and Bahamas where they carry ciguatera.

Dec 2014 Employee Christmas Party at the Bocas Marina. Lots of cute and extremely well mannered kids. And of course some great food and fun.

Sometimes you don't own a boat but still need to put food on the table. This family does their fishing from the leftover hull of a trashed dinghy.

The beginning to another boat project. Taking out the teak flooring and adding cork. This is the "before" shot...

The cockpit after cork installation. We made a few mistakes but luckily nothing too important. Now we have a tidy floor that is cool to stand on, waterproof, and non-slippery. Don't think we'll be tackling cork on the decks anytime soon.

Laura high up on the mast again. This time replacing the VHF antenna cable so we can get better radio coverage.

Just popping up to check the surface.

Snorkeling in the San Blas. We don't see many Turtles here in the Caribbean, but occasionally one swims by.

We do see a lot of Rays. This particular one is called a Spotted Eagle Ray.

A really nice sunset while anchored at Portobello. We spent a few night s here enroute to the San Blas.

This is the sun setting over the town of Portobelo. It looks nice but this photo is very deceiving. Portebello has trash laying all over town. No trash cans, people just toss their trash in the street. It's a shame.

Anchored near one of the most popular San Blas Islands. Some of the cruisers dinghy into shore and enjoy a beverage while discussing the next days plan.

A trading boat coming into Wichibuwela bringing supplies in for the Kuna's or Guna's as their now called.

Enroute to the San Blas Islands from Bocas del Toro we stopped at Turtle Cay Marina for the night. There was plenty of space for us and our friends on the big shrimp boat, the Eileen Farrel. Fueled up, had dinner at he Cantina and left the next morning. A good night.

Not much to say. Just a small uninhabited sandy island in the San Blas. Maybe it's time for a Corona. Wait, this is Panama so it's a Balboa, Altas, or Panama!

The girls getting ready for Yoga.

We were trying to row ashore. A liittle like herding cats. We need practice.

A little Kuna Girl wearing some updated traditional clothing.

While visiting in Ga. my brother brought over his Can-Am, a really cool looking 3 wheel Motorcycle. In a weak moment he let me take it for a spin. A lot of FUN!

The annual Chili Cook Off Championship in Bocas del Toro. Always a lot of fun. Good chili with a cold beer. Hard to beat!

A beach side launch repair in Costa Rica. Haul them out, fix them, put them back in the water, take a nap in the shade.

The jungle will take it if you leave it alone too long.

A black sand beach in Costa Rica complete with a workout gym. Someone made weights and "machines" by using concrete, rocks, and raiding the local junk yard. What ever works man. NO PROBLEM!

And another with white sand.

Just another beach in Costa Rica.

The local Christmas Party for the marina employees. The kids playing a game before SANTA Arrives!

Enjoying Starfish Beach in Bocas del Toro with our friends from Denver Robert and Kara.

Phone booths in a local Kuna village. The village has no running water or electricity other than a few solar panels and a generator they run a few hours during the night. I don't know if the phones ever worked or not but they will be there until their carted off to make ???????????